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If you have decided to start a wedding planning business there are several critical decisions you need to make. When you are deciding how much to charge, wedding planners have several choices. You can offer free services to the bride but get a percentage of what each provider charges, or charge a flat fee based on a number of agreed-upon hours of consultation. Another alternative is to include a percentage of the wedding budget or a combination of a flat rate with extra hours charged based on an hourly agreement.

Here we write some tips to you need to start a wedding planning business

  • Negotiation skills
  • Marketing materials
  • customers
  • Relations with suppliers
  • Experience and references

Negotiation skills

wedding planning businessPart of the work of the wedding planner is to obtain the best prices in such a way that the bridal couple stays within their budget. This does not mean haggling or retaining the last penny, but being aware of the cost of different services, margins of merchandise, food costs, prices of places and liquor. For example, the provider may want to charge for alcohol per glass when it would be more convenient to buy it per bottle.

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Marketing materials

Market your services with brochures, flyers and business cards. Exhibits at fairs dedicated to brides. And although the wedding planning business is local, you should have a website. Brides are on average 26 years old, and 79% of people between 19 and 28 years of age use the internet to search for products.


Start a network of references that allows brides to know what you offer. Make a list of the churches in your area and telephone the wedding coordinators. Follow up with a letter and brochures. It is worth meeting in person with the coordinators of the larger churches and synagogues. Network with patisseries, florists, bridal shops, banquet service companies, limousine services and other businesses that do not compete with you.

Relations with suppliers

wedding planning businessWedding planners are responsible for all aspects of an event to function properly. If the flowers do not arrive on time or in good condition, it’s your problem. If the wedding cake is unbalanced, you have to fix it. Establish relationships with sellers you know will give you a good product and good service, on time and at the right price. Recruit providers with a various price range to assist brides with different budgets.

Experience and references

It is difficult to think that a bride wants to hire a wedding planning company with no experience in the business related to weddings. It’s a lot of risk for such an important day. Gain experience working in a bridal shop, with a florist, in a banquet service, or in another company established for wedding planning. Another alternative is to offer banquet planning to some friends to gain experience and have references. Take wedding photos and include them in a wedding planning portfolio to show your potential customers.


We hope now you can start easily wedding planning business and always provide best service to your valuable customer. Did you like the theme of this writing? Take advantage and share this article on social networks and invite your friends and colleagues to read it.

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