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Announcements in recycled paper, organic cotton wedding dress, local service providers … The green wedding is on the rise. We take stock with Virginie Mention, wedding planner and specialist of this trend.

How are “classic” marriages not ecological?

Virginie Mention:

A wedding is often a lot of mess. Prepare dozens of small plastic verrines which, after the party, will be sent to the trash – ditto for plastic cutlery and paper towels. We make mark-places, announcements, menus … that we throw the next day. Spend a lot of money on a decoration that we do not know what to do once the day has passed. We buy exotic flowers out of season which is faded after a few hours. Not to mention energy expenditure – light, heating!

I believe that on the eve of their wedding, some couples are sincerely concerned about their impact on the planet: from this concern was born the trend of a green wedding. It’s a philosophy: a marriage organized on the basis of sustainable development.

What characterizes a “green wedding”?

Virginie Mention:

Ecology is not the theme of marriage: it is rather a base for the organization of it. Thus, one can make a “green wedding” on the theme ” rustic and country ” (it is the most adapted) but also on the theme of travel, music, flowers, magic, a culture in This is not a limitation at all.

green weddingSpecifically, during a green wedding, we will first favor local providers to limit travel by car – which pollute enormously. It is also an excellent choice to energize local entrepreneurship! We will turn to a local caterer who offers local produce and seasonal and grown without pesticides. We will choose a reception room near the town hall or church, again to limit the motorized movement of guests.

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Green wedding: we say “stop” to the mess!

To limit the mess, we will opt for a biodegradable or reusable tableware – wooden cutlery and plates made of sugar cane pulp, for example. The decoration will be made from elements from the recovery: old barrels, pallets, crates, glass bottles, natural elements found in the fields or in the forest … The flowers will necessarily be fresh, seasonal and grown locally. And for the announcement, the most ecological remains the electronic message. If you find that it lacks charm, some small wedding planner companies make recycled paper announcements … or wood.

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In the US, some reception rooms are autonomous in terms of energy: when you want to make a green wedding, it’s interesting! Regarding the wedding dress, some designers are working wonders with fair trade organic cotton – otherwise, nostalgic brides can reuse a family dress.

Why call on a wedding planner to organize a “green wedding”?

Virginie Mention:

green weddingMost often, couples sensitive to ecology are themselves passionate about recycling and/or DIY. Therefore, they do not necessarily seek a wedding planner to organize the best day of their lives!

However, the wedding planner can be of considerable help. Especially when the two newlyweds do not have much free time -this (head) professional also has confidential addresses …

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