wedding witnesses

Wedding witnesses is a privileged role, a mark of love and trust. And choosing it is not an easy task! So, how to be sure to make the right choice? Our advice not to miss …

Who can be a wedding witnesses?

For the civil wedding, you will be able to choose one or two witnesses to the maximum. At least 18 years old, they must be in possession of their civil rights. Moreover, these are the only conditions required. Their identities, addresses, and professions will be indicated in a registration form attached to the other documents required when filing the marriage file at the town hall. The witnesses at the religious ceremony are not necessarily the same as those of the civil marriage and their number is not limited. But remember to discuss it with the officiant.

Choosing a wedding witnesses: a decision that requires reflection

wedding witnessesThe choice of witnesses must certainly not be done quickly! Their presence by your side on this unique day has a highly symbolic importance. In addition to the signature they affix on the official register, they are the privileged witnesses of your happiness. Take the time to think about it and talk about it with your dear and kind before you decide. It is also important that the loved ones you choose will be appreciated by your other half and vice versa. The role of the witness does not stop at D-Day. He must also be present in key moments of your life.

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Good questions to ask yourself before deciding

To choose your wedding witnesses, ask yourself these questions of common sense. Will your best friend be available to help you prepare for the wedding? If she has just accepted a position on the other side of the world, you can seriously doubt it! Similarly, the cousin you see once every ten years and who lives 600 km away may not be the ideal candidate! Nothing obliges you to return the favor to your former roommate, especially if you have lost contact. There is definitely prescription! The person you need is the one you think is still close in many years. The one you’re dying to call after saying “yes” to Jules. It is impossible for you to imagine that it is not by your side on the D-Day. Our advice: explain to your witnesses what you expect from them to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments.

The role of the wedding witnesses

wedding witnessesBeing a witness is also an important responsibility. The witness will be responsible for assisting you in the preparations for the wedding, to think about entertainment for the evening, to deal with the technical details that you will not have time to load, etc. In short, being a witness is not easy! Not to mention the organization of the bachelor party girl and boy! Moreover, even if you hire a wedding planner, the preparation of a wedding is often enameled of big moments of “cracking”. No bride-to-be is immune to the syndrome: “I’m tired, I stop everything! This is where “super witnesses” must fly to your rescue! They are also on the front line on D-Day to manage your stress, give a speech or say goodbye and thank you to those who try to become entrenched after the reception.

How to ask someone to witness?

The minute your Jules knelt down, you wanted to call your best friend to ask him to be your wedding witness? Think of an original idea to tell him!

He/She is greedy? A little message in a box of homemade cookies will certainly make him happy!

She/He likes surprises? Pretend a girls’ party to sow lots of clues in your apartment …

She or He is a blue flower? Opt for a nice poem to tell him how important his presence is to you.

She never goes out without her morning coffee? A personalized mug will make you think of it every day!

Is she a film buff? Invite her to see a movie and put a little message in the popcorn pot. Better yet, concoct a nice little video with your sweetheart.

Hopefully, she will say “yes, I want it”!

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