innovative wedding photobooth

Exit the traditional family photos, too sad! Make an original and offbeat animation, the photobooth! A creative backdrop, some fun accessories and everyone has fun! You are given 5 ideas for an innovative wedding photobooth that your guests will remember for a long time!

5 innovative wedding  photobooth ideas

 Innovative wedding  photobooth with the charm of yesteryear

innovative wedding photoboothTo transport your guests to the ancient times that you cherish, prepare a Trompe-l’œil decor. Dress a large plywood board out of a vintage wallpaper or fabric. Attach some old frames to different heights and cut the board so your guests can slide their heads into the openings. You can also add old wedding photos of your family. An armchair, a trunk trolley travel in a flea market or a vintage lampshade will complete your decor. Side accessories, you are spoiled for choice: hats, old glasses or wigs, everything is possible provided you stay on the theme! A nice idea for nostalgic couples!

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Geek one day, geek always!

Here is a very nice wedding photobooth for a geek couple. You will need a large cardboard rectangle that will cut out the middle to reproduce the Instagram interface. Draw the icons heart (for I like) and bubble (for comment) found at the bottom of the photos. You should also have fun accessories: a princess crown, burlesque hats or mustaches. You can even create bubbles like comics. What does it include? It’s easy! Everything that goes through your head! Why not funny messages: “I came for the cake”, “groom’s team” “team of the bride” … It’s also time to try the hearts of Cupid and too bad if it’s a bit gnangnan! Your guests slip into the decor, exchange their accessories and have fun! It does not take more to create a perfect animation for an original wedding!

Like on a small cloud

For this wildly poetic DIY, you will need paper lanterns of different sizes, padding fluff for cushions and a glue gun. Just cover the lanterns with fluffy stuffing so that they look like clouds. All you have to do is hang them in a corner of your reception room. The backdrop will consist of long monochrome or colored ribbons tied on a curtain rod. Garlands with origami motifs will bring a touch of extra romance. You will even find that are bright. Plan 4 big balloons to form the word “LOVE”, and voila! A must for wedding photos head in the clouds!

A bit of romance

innovative wedding photoboothTake fresh roses (or paper) made into garlands, hang them on the ceiling, add bright lanterns and get a wedding photobooth that will easily find its place in a romantic decor! As for accessories, you can make a giant alliance and solitaire, with glittery paper, to symbolize your commitment. Your garlands will probably be abused by your guests, and that’s good! The goal is that they have fun and that the pictures are top! A photo session that promises to be unforgettable!

Country decor

Did you decide to celebrate nature by organizing a country wedding? Do you organize your outdoor reception? This idea will make you happy! Bet on a wooden arch around which you will stack wine crates, a few flower pots and an old slate board with the love quote you prefer. Add floor lanterns to perfect the atmosphere. There you go! A perfect setting for a country or rustic wedding. We take the pose with straw hats and sunflower flowers, and we do not forget to smile!


innovative wedding photoboothI hope, after reading this article, you must change your common and ancient wedding photobooth ideas. It’s time to change traditional wedding photography. Let’s go and more fun your wedding programs and capture your wedding moments.

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