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You are a good wedding photographer, but are you struggling to get customers and grow your business?

As in any business, if you want to grow your business and get more customers, you have to sell yourself better.

Fortunately for you, you do not have to spend a lot of money on advertisements or promotions to grow your wedding photography business.

By using a combination of low costs, such as innovative marketing ideas on the Internet as well as traditional marketing methods, you can attract a host of new customers and move your photography business to the next level.

Here is a list of innovative marketing ideas that can propel your wedding photography business to another level. You do not have to do everything in one shot. Just pick the ones that you can start quickly. Once you have created the momentum, you can get more creative and try other methods.

Just make sure you keep an eye on the effectiveness of each method. And most importantly, have fun doing it!

Cheap but Powerful Innovative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business in Photography

The Internet offers you many tools and methods to increase awareness of your business and attract new customers. Although there are many tools available, I will only talk about the best innovative marketing ideas and the most effective.

1st innovative marketing ideas: Have your website created by professionals

There is no excuse for not having a website. Having a website allows you to introduce yourself, show your portfolio, tell your stories and help people discover you.

innovative marketing ideas

Follow these tips to create a website that will make money: Follow these tips to create a money-making website:

    • Hire a professional designer to design and build a professional looking, search engine friendly, attractive site for you – it’s worth it!
    • Referencing your site – If you do not know how to do it, get help from a professional who will do it for you. If done correctly, it will help people find your site when they are looking for your service in the area.
    • Have a compelling “We / Company” page – The “Us / Company” page is an opportunity for you to connect with your audience by sharing your story and talking more about your skills/experience. This is very important! Keep reading profitable small farm ideas.

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2ND Innovative marketing ideas: Create a page on Facebook

innovative marketing ideas

Facebook has a large community of users. It seems that today everyone, passing through your friends, your neighbors, is on Facebook. It makes sense for you to establish your presence on Facebook too! Start by creating a page. Then download some of your best photos. You can create a folder for “wedding photos”, one for “portraits” and one for “landscape photos”. Then ask all your customers, friends, and family members to “accept” your page. And then ask them to invite their friends. Once you have increased the number of your fans to a decent size, you can start promoting the many services. You should definitely share any recent photos you have taken. Once in a while, you could offer some sort of promotion. Plus, you can use Facebook ads to target the local population. Continue reading business ideas for teens.

3rd innovative marketing ideas: Create your professional profile on Google Places and Yelp

Yelp and Google Places is used to search locally for businesses and services. It is absolutely natural that you have a presence in these two places! Make sure you have a complete profile of your business and get advice from your customers.

4th Innovative marketing ideas: Do not forget these traditional marketing methods

These traditional marketing methods have stood the test of time because they are always profitable and it works. So, put on your marketing hat and get started!

innovative marketing ideas

  • Take time to take pictures of non-profit organizations or associations – By volunteering, you are helping a good cause and at the same time you get free exposure. Be prepared to talk to strangers and distribute many business cards.
  • Give your customers discount cards to distribute to their friends and family members. You can also have some kind of thanks for references given by your customers.
  • Collaborate with other local businesses and cross promotions. You can help each other promote your services by distributing your partner’s coupons to your customers and doing the same for you.
  • Send and leave your business cards in public places such as restaurants, libraries, bookstores, your gym, etc.
  • Take photos of random people that you find interesting and offer to send them photos for free by email. You can then offer them to go to your site or Facebook page to see your work.

5th Innovative marketing ideas: Deliver photos to your customers in custom USB keys

CDs and DVDs were the main storage media for photos, used to deliver pictures to customers. They are profitable and work well for the most part.

innovative marketing ideas

However, if a CD or DVD has a scratch, it is no longer functional. Moreover, the loading speed is slow.

A better alternative would be to use USB drives. They are now more affordable, durable, have incredible storage capacity, last a long time, and are very small.

In addition, you can mark them with your logo and the website. With all these indisputable advantages, delivering photos to your customers using custom USB keys is a great way to satisfy them. In addition, you make yourself known each time the USB flash drive is used to show photos. Everyone will immediately have an opinion on your company.

Feel free to share your ideas

Have you had success using other innovative marketing ideas to grow your wedding photography business? Please, share with us by commenting below!

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