There are many couples who do not take the typical year of preparation for the wedding. They get married much sooner or the time is “on them”: the lack of organization, not having the right professional to organize all the preparations or the multiple commitments that absorb you a lot of the time for the organization of the wedding. And it is more than understandable! For this, we wanted to collect the 8 steps you must follow to successfully plan a wedding:

With a quick work, the knowledge of the budget and the acquisition of some commitments you will get it. Find the best companies to have a dream wedding like the best places, photographers, wedding organizers, wedding dress shops, shops for the suit of the groom and much more!

1. Decide on a date

Choosing the day and time of your link should be one of the first things you should do and you will see how everything else fits into it. With few months to plan, you must be flexible in choosing the date, signing a contract with a hacienda or a cultural heritage or setting aside the ceremony is your priority as soon as possible. Decide soon! See how you want your wedding and find out what your invitations should be.

2. Choose your ceremony class

Decide how you prefer to seal your link: yes with a civil or religious ceremony.Whatever your choice, you should be aware of all the necessary documents and activities to carry out so that your wedding takes place under the legal parameters.Discover the 18 moments in which you will need your best friend when you’re getting married.

3. Create your guest list

Since you only have 4 months to organize your marriage and you have little room for it, the idea is to invite only those most important and essential people that you want to be part of your day. Less is more! This will allow you to focus on a smaller number of people which will make your budget benefit. Look at the 8 people you do not have to invite your wedding!

It is becoming fashionable to send what is known as the formal announcement of your wedding, which will allow your guests to reserve the date of your link. You can choose to do it as a pre-wedding session with your wedding photographer or else, from our wedding website, Zankyou, you can send it. What are you waiting to do yours? We suggest you do any of these save the date to surprise them all. Many of the photographers have this type of session in their portfolio.

4. Make a list of your priorities is the key!

Organize your budget, set deadlines, evaluate suppliers, reserve your dress on time and specify details. Once you have everything on a list, begin to prioritize what should be more important and what things may need more time. Your peace of mind will thank you! Look at some of the tasks you must do before your big day.

5. Convert the internet into your shopping ally

We know that you do not have all the time in the world to go from store to store to find all the details you need for your wedding. That’s why the internet has endless pages with different possibilities and time savings: From the choice of your wedding dress to the details for the guests. Read these tips that will help you reduce your wedding expenses.

6. The place and the catering

Using alternative venues for wedding celebrations is setting a trend, celebrating it outside of common locations along with a delicious and incredible menu to surprise all of you! It is a success. However, there are characteristics that are necessary to take into account, Skip the hare explains that ” Places that have provision of parking, industrial kitchen, room for the bride, sufficient and pleasant bathrooms, are crucial when choosing a place, access to it, there are many places that are not properly suitable for events, but are private or family farms and sometimes it is more expensive to adapt the site than to rent a place that is already destined for events ” . If you get married in Bogotá, you can celebrate your wedding in historical places of Bogotá or in incredible restaurants in Bogotá with irresistible proposals.

Also, the choice of your wedding cake should be marked more by the taste than by the height it has. A rich flavor will surprise everyone and delight your palate. You can also use this idea of macarons for your wedding or these naked cakes that are very fashionable . And with these companies of pancakes you will sweeten your wedding as you wish .

7. Small thank-you cards

If you see that you can not buy all the gifts for your guests , you can try to write to all sincere and beautiful words. Thank you for sharing with you that special day will be a beautiful memory that everyone will appreciate.

8. Coordination for the big day

If after all these points we collected before, you look short of time, find out if you need a wedding planner for your wedding . The service of an excellent w edding planner will ensure success at your wedding because it will offer what suits your preferences.

And that’s it! With these 8 steps you can organize your wedding even if you have little time, so that your imagination has no limits and that your originality takes you to your dream wedding!

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