Very recently I had the opportunity to enjoy the wedding of some friends, as a guest and as a photographer (besides the officers). The experience was quite interesting and some photography was saved from the burning despite the limitations of my equipment and my nil photographic experience in this type of events. But the truth is that some tips, recommendations or tricks would have been pearls.

For those people who are shortly attending a wedding (or simply interested in the subject), we adopted an interesting article from the photography blog digital blog, along with the comments resulting from my experience of rookie rookie. Although I want to point out that they are tips for amateurs.

1. Shoot in RAW. Well, as in all the situations in which you photograph.We will not tire of repeating it.

2. Make a list of the photographs you want to make. As one of my obsessions is to try (that does not mean to get) original photos, before the wedding I imagined some situations that I would like to photograph.Undoubtedly it is a good exercise, with simple inspiration and luck sometimes you can not get all the good photos you want. I did not make the list even if you have a multitude of ideas or “mandatory” photos is a good idea.

3. Study the locations. I did not know the environment in which the wedding would take place. Neither the ceremony nor the invitation. And if I had, I could have taken more advantage of my photos. Is not it something you do at the same time as taking photos? Well, imagine doing it with time and calm. Like the first tip, it is a pre-work task. For those who like to improvise the least.

4. Do not forget to photograph the small details. Rings, shoes, flowers, centerpieces, dress details … Advice plus creativity.

5. Use two cameras. With different objectives, a wide angle and a TV, for example. This tip makes sense if you do not want to be hastily changing the objectives of your camera body. Although if you do not intend to assemble a spectacular album, choose an all-terrain goal, relax and enjoy the event more.

6. You’re going to have to move. Look for different angles, hidden details … But do not be intrusive in the ceremony. Remember that (much to your regret) you are not the protagonist!

7. Eye with the light! In a wedding, there is a particularly complicated place: the church. Although the advice applies to all interiors. If you have and can use the flash, use a diffuser or make it bounce on walls. If it is not, choose a light lens (and if it is with better image stabilizer) and see increasing the ISO value of your camera.

8. Do not forget the fill flash. For those outdoor photographs where necessary. Well used results in excellently lit portraits.

9. Take care of the background of the photograph . Especially in the occasions in which it is possible, as for example the most formal photos.Look for a background that does not distract from the main subject.

10. Try to take a photo of all the guests (simultaneously). This advice I liked a lot. I guess sometimes it will be impossible, but getting it can result in a photo for the memory.

11. Uses continuous shooting. He is the best friend of the photos.Especially when photographing people. An excellent composition or an incredible moment can be ruined by that monstrous grimace imperceptible by the human visual system but that your camera does not overlook. It has happened to me several times. True story.

Bonus: Obviously, do not forget your two batteries (charged) or batteries (also loaded) and your portable hard disk or your fan of memory cards.

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