Now, wearing fresh flowers in your hair the day of your wedding can be difficult, but once you follow a few simple tricks, you will be able to keep the flowers fresh for the entire evening.

– My first advice is to consider varieties of flowers dry like breath, heather or lavender officinal, why not mix them with foliage, herbs…. etc (rosemary, for example, is so much at mode at this time).

– A consultation with your florist is necessary as to the choice of your flowers, it will be able to inform you more about plants deemed allergenic, thus you will avoid the sneezing, a rash, etc …

– And finally, keep your flowers in water or refrigerator until the last possible time before adding them to your hair and avoid contact with your perfume.

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Take a look at these floral beauties below for ideas…

Tips and Ideas for Wedding Hairstyles with Fresh Flowers1

Tips and Ideas for Wedding Hairstyles with Fresh Flowers

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