What lenses should I use when photographing a wedding?

The ability to capture precious moments with a camera is just the starting point for a wedding photographer (or cameraman ). This personal or home business requires business sense, patience and ability to spread our services in the form of spoken word. Today, weddings are a growing market niche, being a wedding photographer is a good business choice.

In addition, statistics show that almost half of photographers work on their own. Of course, such reality also means that there is a lot of competition.

However, if you take good advantage of the opportunities, especially in high times, it is possible to monetize this business. A wedding photographer or cameraman is a good way to take advantage of a growing niche market without having to form a larger business as a wedding planner. The profitability is greater if we consider that an experienced photographer does not need much investment, since it has the right tools, such as camera, lights, a computer.

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Advantages of a Wedding Photographer Business

– Wedding photography is a real and growing market.

– It is a business that can be realized simply, with talent and initiative

– The word mouth and mouth and personal references (satisfied couples, wedding consultants, wedding guests) can grow clientele and keep the photographer busy all year round.

– Images can be corrected and improved with photographic software (of course, the computer does not perform miracles either)

– Every wedding offers the opportunity to meet potential customers, who look for a good photographer for their own party.

Disadvantages of a Wedding Photographer Business

– Bad work at a wedding can damage your reputation.

– It is difficult to obtain great benefits the first months, in addition, these works usually are on weekends. In start-up times, this should be a part-time business.

– Except for a learning of photography or work for friends, pay at the job is difficult to find – and not recommended.

– Few equipment is required, although some can be expensive (compared to other home-based businesses that start with $ 100). A decent professional digital camera can cost around $ 1,500. Photographer accessories will add up to start up costs for this home-based business.

What You Need to Start a Wedding Photographer Business

– A good eye and a personal style.

– The domain of the digital workflow.

– Willingness to gain non-profit experience: taking classes, consulting professionals from groups of network photographers .

– Availability to accompany (even emotionally) the entire wedding day to the couple.

– A plus will be the exact knowledge of wedding programming the ability to build a relationship with the bride and groom.

– Basic accounting skills.

– Ability to contact consultants, vendors, and partners who are related to the world of weddings.

– A reasonable budget to advertise your wedding photography services online and maybe in bridal magazines.

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