Some are encouraged to take their good camera to capture the most emotional moments and add a couple of images to the personal album, others get so bored in these acts that decide to dedicate themselves to body and soul to do a report that neither the official photographer and others we choose for the good food, the drinks of certain graduation and a small compact camera that upon waking we will wish to have lost.

However, in spite of the different way of facing such a special date, the three will have the same doubts when seeing that kind personage that moves between the guests like a public relations but whose heavy bag on the shoulder distinguishes to him. What team will be in there? How much will you charge for a wedding? In fact, how do you get people to offer you jobs? Am I better than him? A reasonable doubt that we will try to answer in a series of articles. But let’s start at the beginning. Let’s talk about the business of wedding photography and the circus that surrounds it.

Because if there is something that has to be clear from the beginning is that being a wedding photographer is a profession that moves money. And, scared to win enemies, in many cases it moves a lot of money. It is true that the work is not limited to the marathon wedding day, that before you have to move contacts, prepare everything and then you have to process, layout, redesign, deliver and listen to the screams. Therefore, let no one expect that a professional wedding report will not be between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per digital album. The classic is a bit more economical, but not too much. Then, if you hire the video and other paraphernalia to the photographer himself, he can get another peak subcontracting. Personally, I have come to see cameras that offered limo services, video jockeys, music, photography, video and even bachelor parties. Everything in High Definition, of course.

Therefore, the competition between wedding photographers to get customers every year is quite strong, in some cases, we could strike it straight from the wild. The time when a couple visits different photographers to decide who is going to be responsible for taking photos of the most important day of their life is a crucial moment in which not always premium the quality of the photographer. And is that, although I do not think anyone surprises, to be a wedding photographer does not need to be a good photographer. The years in the business and especially the name are usually much more important due to the photographic ignorance of a large part of the population. Teaching a couple of emotive photos in an idyllic setting is usually enough since the price difference at these levels is not usually very pronounced.

But of course, originality is something absolutely essential when it comes to making a difference. I mean, if you have to bring a laptop and a printer to the banquet so that the guests can go home with the photographs, it’s done. If on a Sunday I get bored, I can go to the restaurant that I have become friends with, if the families give me permission, take pictures of the communions that are celebrated that day and sell for the tables. It is not a joke. I know people who have taken out this way some Sunday their 500 euros. Not bad, right? Continue reading easiest part time jobs.

But logically, none of us can do that at all. Something essential to earning a living in this business is the contacts. Someone who can do us a favor one day if he does not give us time to get to such a place, that he can lend us some memory cards if we run out or give us a hand in too big a job. But the most important of this network of influences are the restaurants themselves.

I do not mean that all the restaurant managers have esteem and let you go, as I said before, to take photos any day, I speak of respect. In my case, I have got to take the car and travel 10 kilometers to eat a sandwich because in the wedding restaurant did not give us a snack and still less left us a corner to work. Were we too ugly? Maybe, but the reason is more because each restaurant often has many times its recommended photographers.

But despite the rush, the changes of schedule, the early hours and the pressure, being a wedding photographer is not an expressly negative experience. Do not charge badly, the boyfriends are usually very friendly and close and, because deny it, can be linked.

The tricks and more technical advice, we leave for the next delivery.

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