The personal brand of the photographer is what unequivocally defines what you are as a photographer, what people remember about you when you are not, what defines you and differentiates you, your branding.

The personal brand of the photographer is, therefore, a key element in the smooth running of your business because without it you will not be able to position yourself in the market. Thanks to a personal brand you can sell by word of mouth, for example, that’s why it’s so important.

But the personal brand has two dimensions, one that affects the name of the business or trademark and another that affects the values of the brand, the services it offers and the type of customer to whom it is addressed. Review the article I wrote about the marketing strategy for photographers that talks about the concept of personal brand.

Personal photographer brand. Distinctive signs: the name

When you step up to be a professional photographer you are aware that you need a way to be recognized. Just as at birth our parents give us a name, every photography company needs a business name.

So before you even have the company of photography, you need to think about what will distinguish it in the future, for a lifetime.

So it is not an unimportant choice, if you make mistakes when choosing your professional photographer name, you could slow or difficult your incorporation into this difficult market.

Names for photo studio: choose one without mistake

Surely one of the first things you do when you’re in this situation is to look for naming alternatives for photography companies, perhaps on Google or by asking your friends and family.

You may think that it is best to look for an artist name for a photographer, or maybe you are just so lost that you do not know which option is best, whether to use your real name, a fictitious name or a commercial name.

Well, not to lose you are going to see some basic things that you can take into account. You can apply information in my article ” Choose a business name: 8 infallible rules for photographers “, in which I specify in more detail how to put a name for a photography business in case you do not use your own clear name.

1 Your photographer’s name must be unique and unmistakable.

It is logical that your name or brand of the professional photographer can not be confused because otherwise, you will lose the factor of differentiation that is so important. It is basic not only at the general level but also at the level of details. That is if there are different but similar names that can give rise to confusion you must look for another alternative

2 The name of your photography business should be simple to say and write.

It may seem obvious but it is not judged by a large number of names for photographers who need to read them twice to be able to delete them.

Besides that it induces errors and that complicates the life to your possible clients giving a negative user experience, it turns out that the name of your photographer page will be just as complicated to write and your clients will not arrive at your web page, they will be lost and you You will lose sales.

So do not choose a name that can confuse your clients on “B” or “V”, with “G” or “J”, with “H” you do not know if they go or where they go, with specific letters of your language As in the case of the letter “Ñ” in Spanish.

Simplify to the maximum. The gold test for your name is to go out, look for old people and children, say the name and ask them to write it down. If no one is wrong and you are not asked to repeat it, the name is good. If they put a face of not understanding and fail in their writing the name is not worth.

3 Use your language for your photographer’s name

This is another thing that seems logical but I still see many Spanish-speaking photographers whose clients are only Spanish-speaking who put their names in English, I suppose for believing that this is cooler.

This only confuses your customers because they may think that it is a foreign company that appears in searches in Spanish or simply can not remember your name well and it will cost you to return to your page because it is more difficult to write a name in another language than in Spanish.

4 Choose a name that tells what you do

I have seen many names for photography pages that have names of things or photographic concepts that are very technical and totally unknown to the general public.

This makes as much sense as putting the name of a hospital using the name of a molecule or medical technique as advanced as unknown. Surely you can tell me more than a hospital name and they all have perfectly normal names and related to everyday concepts and recognizable all over the world.

Why should a name for photography company have a cryptic name?

The logical thing in a business name is that you can easily recognize what the company does. This has a double value.

On the one hand you make it easier for your clients to understand your company’s work and, on the other hand, make it easier for your business name to go directly to Google searches because it matches part of the name with the activity it performs.

So you kill two birds with one stone.

Your name is your personal best photographer brand

One of the doubts can be if it is better to put an invented name, Delta Photographers, Glamor Studio, South Photos, etc, or if on the contrary, it is better to put our own name, Felix García Photographer, Francisco Martínez Pictures, Abad Pictures, etc. .

My preferred option is to put the name of yourself and not a brand and I will explain it with an example.

Think of the great cooks and cooks who get Michelin stars. Once its importance is big enough, the name of its restaurant goes unnoticed, nobody remembers the name of the restaurant except the connoisseurs.

The vast majority of the population could recite two or three great cooks but surely not their restaurant.

Who has the brand and reputation? The cook evidently. He is the artist and the creative and he is awarded the merit. Few restaurants carry the name of the cook and yet, in the end, who has the merit is him.

You, as a photographer, are the ones who cook your photos, the creative one, who deserves all the recognition, and that’s why it’s better that your photography business bears your name

In addition to what I have just stated, there is an economic reason. Creating and maintaining a brand and its reputation has an economic and time cost. Imagine that after 5 years growing your brand and another company comes with the same name and forces you to stop using it for violating your trademark rights, what a work, right?

All the work of positioning, brand building, generating an online reputation and offline, all that work is lost and you have to start over.

With your name, your brand goes with you

It can also happen something quite usual, you might change some of your activity, expand services, open a new division of services etc.

Surely you would have to be careful not to mix the marks but not to leave them totally separate. If you used to make weddings before and now you also do industrial photography and your trade name is “Dream Weddings” how do you market industrial photography with that name?

On the other hand, if your trade name is “Francisco Meri – Fotografia de Boda Creativa”, you can create without any problem the division “Francisco Meri – Product Photography and e-commerce”.

You can also do the opposite: “Creative Wedding Photography – Francisco Meri” and “Industrial Photography and e-commerce – Francisco Meri”.

Creating infinite variations is simple and has the advantage that all brands are yours and all take advantage of your reputation and brand, all divisions inherit it, all of which are reinforced.

In addition, this type of personal photographer brand benefits the SEO and your own brand in the long run … if you are careful to do a good job with your own name.

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