How to choose a wedding photographer?

Begin your search for a wedding photographer, young face with a huge offer photo services and it is no wonder that it is difficult to choose from the variety. To entrust to photograph the most important day of your life? Which points to consider when choosing a wedding photographer? What should be the price-performance ratio? How to choose your photographer from the variety?

Photography – that’s how you feel, touch, love … That gets into the camera lens, stays with you forever … Photo retains small and expensive aspects, even those of which you yourself have long been forgotten.


1. Find a photographer whose work you like

Listen to yourself. Yes, it’s not easy to see a lot of photographs of sites and choose among them the fact that you really like. If you show the necessary patience and give this matter due to attention, you quickly realize that you like in the pictures. Just Try on what you see and listen to yourself. A quick glance at the pictures to understand – whether you like what you see or not. This is similar to the way we look at advertisements or posts on Facebook. It takes only a few seconds to realize, interested or not. Also with photos. After reviewing different websites photographers appreciating different styles, you will be a glance to select multiple photos that you impressed.

2. Determine your budget for photo services

Write photographers that you like – be sure to include the wedding date and the number of hours for which you would like to hire a photographer – it will save you time and time photographer, to which you are applying. As a rule, photographers are ready to offer that are available online or photographer, or just have on hand. Even making a few inquiries, you get a rough idea of the level of prices for wedding photography. Based on the received information to determine the approximate amount that you are willing to spend on photography.

3. The cost of the photographer at a wedding

Photographer Cost of services for the wedding can range from free to shoot several thousand euros for the full wedding day or even more if you are willing to invite the eminent photographer from another country. Clarify what is included in the package. The premium package may include pre-wedding photography or making a gorgeous wedding album. Free your wedding can remove an aspiring photographer who is ready to shoot without compensation to replenish its portfolio of training and skills. By the way, free of charge – is not necessarily a bad thing, maybe you are lucky in the choice of the young photographer, the choice is yours alone. The price of wedding photography depends on different factors, such as:

  • Photographer experience;
  • quality art;
  • availability of accessories, such as lights, on the walk and banquet;
  • the opportunity to bring an assistant.

Photographer’s assistant – it’s not just any added frames in the important moments of your day, but also an invaluable aid to the photographer. Assistant expands the creative possibilities photographer helps in the shooting, allowing you to do more high-quality images through the use of optional accessories, reflectors, additional portable light sources.

I would also like to mention the post-processing – after photographer’s work does not end with the last photo cake cutting, and continues for several days after the wedding, when the photographer is working with the footage. Specify what it includes.

4. How to choose and what to look for

Choose one of those photographers whose work you like and whose services you can afford. Do not expect, if the photos in the photo portfolio you do not really like what your shots of the same photographer will be much better. Just do not expect that any photographer will make you the same pictures as you have seen in some other photographer. Every photographer style and its possibilities. Pay attention to how the wedding photographs are presented in the photographer’s portfolio. Nice to have the opportunity to view a selection of photos from multiple weddings – it will give more information about the photo, rather than just one or a few of the most striking photos particular pair.

When the search is narrowed circle, you will be able to spend more time viewing the work of photographers liked. In my opinion, on a limited budget, it is better to take your favorite photos on fewer hours than anyone else, but for the whole day. Having the necessary information on the cost of the services of photographers, who you liked, to screen out those who are engaged in your date, choose one who fits your budget on photography, whose work you like the best. Of course, it is worth considering, and from whom you will be comfortable.

5. Be sure to meet with your photographer before the wedding

You should be comfortable with each other. On the wedding day you have to spend 10-15 hours together, so the photographer, as a minimum you should be pleasant. It is unlikely that you will be able to relax during shooting if for some reason a particular specialist you do not like as a person, whether or not to establish personal contacts. If you are in another country, and Latvia come just for the ceremony, the modern means of communication make it possible to solve this problem. Personal contact is very important, and it is better to think about it in advance.

6. What kind of questions to ask the photographer

On this subject, it is written a lot of material, there are even examples with dozens of questions which it is necessary to ask, such as “what camera and what lens you shoot”, “what is your experience as a photographer,” etc. In my opinion, it’s not much, because the brand of camera does not detect your beautiful pictures and experience is not necessarily a guarantor of success. See the work of the

photographer, if you like the quality, subjects, etc., just know that you will get about the same quality. What really should check with the photographer:

  • Do you have a spare camera photographer;
  • Does the photographer and his assistant;
  • whether it uses additional sources of illumination, for example, at a banquet;
  • when and how much you get photos, in any form, format and on any medium;
  • what treatment are the final photos – simply color-correction or additional retouching?

The photographer can suggest locations for filming. Be sure to give voice to all your wishes, if you want to get some pictures or photos with certain people.

7. prenuptial shooting

I recommend to all couples. This is a great opportunity before the wedding:

For more photos, which will remain in the memory of you about this period, and can be displayed at the banquet guests, such as a musical slide show;

if you had never done photo shoots, it will be a very valuable experience before the wedding, and wedding photography will take place for you is much easier, there will be no cause for worry.


I am glad that every year a growing number of couples who are thoughtful approach to the choice of the photographer. Young thinking, what they want to see in your wedding photos. And everyone benefits from this – and you are young and photographer, because, picture – a joint creation. Photographer shooting provides technical direction, using their skills and experience to rely on their vision and ability to be there and capture all the important moments of the wedding day and later sells your skills in the post-image processing. Young, in turn, take care of the preparations for the wedding of wedding dresses and various little things that then there is a beautiful reflection in the photograph and convey the atmosphere of the celebration. And it comes from young mood, emotions, feelings and the magic of the moment.

Be sure to take time finding their photographer. The cake will be eaten, drank champagne, and the guests disperse. Pictures – this is what will keep memories of your wedding day for years to come. I wish you an easy preparation for the wedding and more beautiful photos :)!

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