I like the idea that the look of the bride is becoming more flexible, and I love that now the bride can afford to wear for the wedding day any style of shoes that feels good to her and harmonize with her dress.

The shoes that the bride can choose for her wedding day can express her personality and now it is worth playing with colors and choose from flats, stilettos are more … even tennis! It is no longer frowned upon to be a daring bride and encourage you to wear the shoes you like.

I recommend that you choose shoes that you like very much and that you can continue wearing after. But it is very important that the shoes you choose, go according to the style of your wedding, your dress, and your personality.

If you are a bride who likes more formal style with a touch of glamor, I leave you some styles of glamorous shoes that are using brides to inspire you:

Wedding Shoes with Glitter
Bride Shoes Adorned with Rhinestones.
Bridal Shoes with Rhinestones.
Bride Shoe in Neutral Color, with Transparency and Glitter.
Bridal Shoes. This is Jimmy Choo’s version of Cinderella’s shoes
Bridal Shoes with Transparent Glitter.
Bridal Shoes in Pink Tone.
Turquoise Wedding Shoes.
Bride shoes in Pastel Pink Tone.
Blue Bride Shoes.


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