Will you start with the exciting search for your wedding dress?

If you already know more or less what you want or if you still have no idea, so that you make the most convenient choice, I recommend that you take note of these factors that significantly influence the choice of your dress:

Factor # 1.- The budget

This is the first factor you should take into account.

From the beginning, when you set the limits of the wedding budget, you must allocate the maximum amount that you can spend on your wedding dress. Keeping you fixed at this point will help you avoid overspending.

If you do not want to take a disappointment, just try those dresses that are within your budget. Imagine what it would be like to fall in love with a dress that does not reach you …

Factor # 2.- The climate

Something you have probably thought of, but it is not to mention it, is to take into account the climate of the place and the month of the wedding.

If it is a hot climate, choose a fabric that is cooler and vaporous. A lighter dress that does not carry so many layers of fabric will prevent you from feeling sticky and hot.

If it’s cold weather, you can choose heavier fabrics and complement it with a coat that highlights your dress.

Factor # 3 – Location

Where will the wedding be? Salon, garden, hacienda or beach?

If your wedding is in a hall, it will highlight a more elegant dress. If it is in a hacienda, it will look great in a classic style, in a garden a spring design and on the beach a very light dress.

If you choose a dress that fits the location, you will unify the theme and style of your wedding (I.e.

Factor # 4.-The formality of the event

Another of the points that you must take into account to choose your dress, is the formality of the wedding.

The label of the event is closely related to the place they chose and the family customs of the bride and groom.

It also influences whether the wedding is day or night: an evening wedding is more formal than one day.

Factor # 5.- Your silhouette

Another important factor to take into account is the figure of your body.

Choose a dress that highlights your qualities and disguises your imperfections. Check out what shape your body has and what wedding dress styles suit you the most according to your silhouette.

For example, an A-line dress favors those who have wide hip, while a princess’ style favors those of narrow hip, and a mermaid style enhances the hourglass-shaped body.

I am one of those who thinks that you should choose the dress of your dreams (if you have one), but I must admit that if you make your choice taking these factors into account, your dress and look will stand out much more because they will match your style wedding.

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